The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry

Harold Fry lives a quiet, ordinary life in England. But when he learns that his old friend Queenie Hennessey is dying, he decides to post her a letter to her home 500 miles away. As he walks to the postbox, Harold begins to think about his past and his family. He decides to keep on

A Room with a View

Lucy Honeychurch is on holiday in Florence, when she meets the strange Mr Emerson and his son, George. Feeling frightened by George’s feelings for her, she soon leaves for Rome. But when the Emersons becomes her neighbours in England, Lucy must decide how she really wants to live her life. With carefully adapted text, new

The Extraordinary Life of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was a brilliant inventor and businessman. His computers, tablets and iPods have changed our lives and work. Steve was sometimes very difficult to work with, but he was also special. He thought about the world in a different way, and he had many brilliant ideas. With carefully adapted text, new illustrations, language practise

Washington Square

Catherine Sloper is not pretty or clever, but she is rich. She lives in New York with her father, the respected doctor, Austin Sloper. One day, Catherine meets a charming man called Maurice Townsend, who wants to marry her. But does Maurice really love Catherine, or does he just want her money? Doctor Sloper is