Reading on the Go

Reading can take place in so many different places: you can read a paperback book on the train, on the bus or at the beach. You can listen to an audiobook whilst exercising, taking the dog for a walk or cooking a meal. It’s all about personal preferences. It doesn’t matter which format you are

Starting a Book Club

There can be constraints when it comes to reading in the classroom. Curriculum content needs to be covered, which can sometimes leave limited time to discuss a book thoroughly with your friends or classmates. An extra-curricular book club provides an opportunity to chat on a more personal level. You’ll have a chance to share the

Reading Historical Fiction

Stories offer us a lens to explore different time periods throughout history. Historical fiction is often a blend of both fact and fiction. In our Penguin Readers series you can explore notable periods in history and learn more about how words and phrases have changed over time. Why read historical fiction? Historical fiction can help

Tips for Self-study

Struggling to study at home during lockdown? In need of some fresh ideas to break up your desk-time? We asked educational consultant, Dani Mundy, for her top tips to help beat procrastination when learning English at home. One of the benefits of learning at home is more control over your learning space. Ask yourself these