A Tale of Two Cities

After eighteen years in the Bastille prison, Dr Manette finally leaves France and goes to live with his daughter, Lucie, in England. There, two very different men fall in love with Lucie. Lucie finds happiness, but in France a storm is coming. Soon, Lucie and her family must face the French Revolution, and one man

The Three Musketeers

When the young d’Artagnan leaves his home in Gascony with the hope of becoming one of the king’s musketeers, it is the start of a wonderful adventure. D’Artagnan soon meets the three musketeers, Athos, Porthos and Aramis. Together they cry, “All for one and one for all!” With carefully adapted text, new illustrations, language practise

The Night Manager

Jonathan Pine is the Night Manager of a hotel in Egypt. When he is shown some secret information, he passes it to a man in the British government. But things go wrong and the woman he loves dies. Pine is very angry and agrees to work with others to catch Roger Roper – the “worst